Daniel Pataki

👋Hey there! I'm CTO at Kinsta and a maker of code.


I am not looking for any opportunities at the moment. However, if you are, take a look at the Kinsta careers page and hopefully we'll chat soon.


I'm the CTO at Kinsta, a premium hosting company I helped an amazing group of people build. Nowadays I lead our Development, Product, Engineering and Security teams.

I'm a classic jack of all trades, master of none. I'm well versed in full stack JS, PHP and databases, I can find my way around most languages if needed and I can wrestle with servers if push comes to shove.

My Interests

There is no end to the things that interest me but if I had to pick a couple I would definitely go with science in general, applied mathematics, space exploration, physics, minimalist design, sustainability, home automation. I collect board games (I frequent the tabletop category on Kickstarter), love dogs, play the guitar, piano and sing, and I'm always down for a round of table soccer, frisbee, squash or spikeball.

Here sre some of the creators I support via Patreon: