Hallo, my name is Daniel. I build things for WordPress and then write about them. I am the editor of the WordPress section on Smashing Magazine and I am a WPMU DEV contributor. My goal is to make great tools that enhance the lives of people who use them.

I’ll be talking about better WordPress workflows in Stockholm at Internetdagarna 2014.
Stop by and say hi!

I am a 29 year old developer mostly specializing in WordPress. I had my fair share of premium themes and plugins but I am transitioning as fast as possible to the open source community. I enjoy working on open source projects and promoting awesome articles at Smashing Magazine and other sites. I try and learn something new every day and am grateful to other developers who share their knowledge.

I live in Budapest with my girlfriend and our awesome dog Bodza. I play the guitar and piano (badly I’m afraid) and I sing. I absolutely love playing board games and any sports where you hit balls with things in your hand. If you’re ever in town and want to go for a run with me and Bodza drop me a line!